Melee lab grown diamonds

Since we started supplying lab grown diamonds. One question we get asked the most is "is there melee available in lab grown diamonds?". We happily answer them yes and right after listening my answer they get sign of relief and joy. We know ordering Melee is tedious process let alone ordering lab grown melee.

At Priya Grown Diamonds INC we carry one of the largest inventory of Melee in all sizes and shapes in New York. We have simplified to order melee thru our online ordering. You select mm size you want to order and there is no minimum requirement to order. You can order one stone of 1mm and we would happily ship it to you.

As we know that there are two methods of growing or creating lab grown diamond (HPHT and CVD). Melee are available in all sizes ranging from 0.07mm till 3.7mm and beyond that size is pointers and certified stones. They are available in both types HPHT and CVD. If you want to know more about difference between HPHT and CVD please visit our dedicated blog for it or please go to FAQs to find the information.

Moreover Melee available in fancy shapes like princess, Pear, Marquise, Baguette, Tapered Baguette, Hexagon and Half moon shapes. Size ranges from 5 pointers and up till 90 pointers in all shapes. 

Our sales team would love to assist you if you have any questions about Melee lab grown diamonds.