We are a family-run business based in the heart of New York. The main office in Manhattan is taken care of by Hemakshi (daughter) & Jay (father).

The company name is inspired by Hemakshi’s nickname “Priya”, which in Sanskrit means “the beloved one”. The founders couldn’t think for a better name for a company that sells products that hold similar significance in the buyers’ hearts. Express your love and gratitude for your beloved one with Lab created diamonds.

Situated in the heart of diamond district, 29 West is an extremely convenient location that provides an easy in and an easy out saving up our customers’ valuable time. The office provides a relaxing atmosphere for our valued customers to view the inventory with no rush and a peace of mind.


Our History

The lab grown diamond has been around since the 1950s. However, the grown diamond market received its kickstart in 2018 with De Beers’ entry. Jay has been in the diamond industry for over 35 years. Understanding the promising future the cultivated diamonds’ had to offer to his millennial daughter, Jay proposed the idea to Hemakshi and within a year they made a solid decision and started PRIYA GROWN DIAMONDS INC at the crack of 2020.

Our motto is LET'S GROW TOGETHER. Pun in the word “grow”. Firstly, it emphasizes us selling lab “grown” diamonds. Secondly it puts forward our virtue. From this business we want both us and our customers to make profit and grow financially.


Our Mission

    • Cater customers’ needs with fabulous quality lab-created Diamonds
    • Top notch customer service
    • Deliver product or service that never fails



  • No minimum order requirement
  • Easy order placement
  • Same day order dispatch
  • Everything available in Lab Grown diamond
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Impeccable customer service